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Desperation: A Bitter-Sweet Disaster
He is cold now,
Like the night.
Burning eyes cut,
Like skin to a knife.
So thirsty for lust,
He is never satisfied.
He is hollow like a grave,
Broken heart cries,
From the souls that he takes.
He sews them to a bed,
Not letting them escape,
Forever his toy...
With him,
They will never see the light,
Not even the millions of stars that illuminate the night.
You are just his sick little game,
Just a pathetic sacrifice.
Love is a word he never learned,
The word is his holy water.
Tonight as he ties you to the bed for good,
He recites,
"I want you in the most unromantic way..."
You let him feed on your unconditional love.
Because your desperation has taking control,
The love that you crave is slowly being fed.
You feel this is all you can get,
All that you deserve.
So now he marks a claim on you,
To use your love as power.
Your heart will become stone,
Along with all the other desperate hearts he has stolen.
But you are okay with this,
Without love you feel worthless,
So you take all
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Stained Innocence
I watch the snow fall slowly,
As if it were afraid to touch this rotting world.
I let the delicate snowflakes lightly kiss my skin,
I let the silence serenade my being.
I close my eyes and take a breath,
Dreaming of escaping to somewhere I could call home.
The consequence is that if I leave I am alone,
But what is the difference if I beg for love?
I watch as we destroy ourselves,
Mercy is a word we do not understand.
Now I lay on the soft snow,
And I will drink the sweet venom,
For something beautiful to take me somewhere else.
I have found a way to see,
While everyone else remains blind to their cruel ways.
Now I will let my truth stain the innocent snowflakes,
And let the poison in my lungs pollute the air.
I will the snow numb me,
So I can pretend everything is alright.
But can anyone see me?
Can anyone see me under these tall waves?
Can they see me at all?
And can they hear me?
Screaming as I lay dizzy from all the dulling constellations?
Now I saw the moon divorce the sky,
Is this
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Words From A Broken Daughter
You pretend that you care,
But in reality,
You love her more than me.
You love to see me cry out of weakness,
You love to see me bow down to you.
I see your true demons,
I know you crave power,
And you will destroy my life to grasp it.
I see how you treat your "True Love",
She is your everything.
While you let your family fall,
I watch what she does to you.
She feeds off of you,
She treats you like a slave,
Karma is cruel is it not?
May I ask you mother?
May I ask if it is worth it?
Worth it to throw everything away for your "Lover"?
Do not worry mother,
Do not fret,
By the time you are hearing this,
I will already be gone.
I will leave you in the dust,
I will leave you to die,
Such as you did for me.
I am not sure if I love you anymore,
Or if I even care.
But I do know the pain you have caused me,
And I fucking hate the aftertaste...
I will find a way to pretend you do not exist,
So my sorrow will melt away.
Goodbye mother,
Or shall I say witch?
I will break free,
Rip the chain from m
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My Lovely Liar
A promised forever now forgotten,
A given heart now has been dropped and shattered.
You left without warning,
You disappeared into the cold night.
Such a disappointment to hear you call it love,
But then throw it away as if the word did not exist.
Such a shame to have you say,
"As long as my heart still beats it is yours."
But then to have you rip it from my loving grasp,
And also take my heart with you.
I said without you there is no me,
That I would never hurt you...
And yet you pushed me off the edge and watched me fall.
I stabbed my heart to let the bloody love fall for you,
But when I handed you the knife to do the same for me,
You handed it back,
And left me to bleed alone as I screamed "Don't go..."
I let myself fall,
I let my walls come down,
Only to be battered and bruised once again.
I always tell myself,
"No more... Love no more..."
But when you came into my life I found myself saying,
"Love once more..."
Now I realize it was another trap life left for me,
And I fell for it
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A Valentine's Poem For You
His voice is a serenading melody,
It is my sweet addiction.
His eyes are sparkling crystals,
Filled with love and kindness.
A beautiful angel,
A true heart,
A pure soul,
He is all of these and more.
My heart beats for him,
My eyes illuminate the night for him,
My whole being is alive for him.
He is so alluring,
So perfect.
I feel my whole body melt hearing those sweet words drip off his tongue,
His words of love is so breath taking.
He makes me feel alive.
Without him there is no me.
I would die for him,
I would break bones for him and for him only.
His radiant presence is the reason why I let my heart still beat,
Why I don't let myself rust in the ground.
He sees me for me,
He sees my heart,
Not my flaws.
And I feel the same,
I love him for him.
So throw your arms around me and we will turn into lovely ashes.
With his love I feel the stitches coming undone,
Finally letting me free.
With his beautiful words I feel the scars others left on me begin to heal.
He is mending my heart with e
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Mature content
ShikaSaku Chapter 2 :iconplatinummoon1624:PlatinumMoon1624 4 3
You Are My Everything
You are my light,
My world.
You are my warmth,
My smile,
My happiness.
The spark in my eyes are you,
My soul is more full of you than me.
You are my life.
If you die I die
If you cry I cry,
And if you are in pain,
I'm in excruciating pain.
My spirit is lifted for you.
You are my laugh,
And my tears.
You are my everything,
My sweet savior.
I love you so much,
I wish you were mine.
I bleed for you,
I cry for you,
I live for you.
You are my angel.
You are the source of my blazing love.
You have no idea what I'd do,
Just to make you my lover.
You are so addicting,
My own beautiful drug.
You are the trees I love to watch,
You are the calming breeze that blows through my hair,
You are the stars,
The moon.
To see you with another girl would be the death of me.
It tears me apart to know we can never be.
Everything you do messes with me,
It's never ending.
You are designed to kill,
Perfect to the point,
But can destroy a heart with one swipe of rejection.
No matter what,
I will still love you.
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My Bulletproof Love For You
You broke my heart,
You were the only thing keeping me alive.
I loved you so much,
I would die for you.
But of course you didn't care.
Three years,
That is how long I loved you.
It didn't matter to you,
My feelings were not important to you.
I'm dead without you,
I'm just a zombie.
You don't care,
You never did.
I am nothing,
I am pathetic without you.
I confessed my love to you,
Guess it didn't matter.
I've been thinking of suicide,
Yet when you come to mind it all changes.
Why do you do this to me?
You make me so miserable,
And yet I would die for you.
I must be crazy,
Or just stupid,
To have thought you felt the same.
The damage has been done, The scars have been made.
I'm dead.
I'm without you,
Which brings me pain.
My unconditional love for you still blooms.
But why?
You hurt me,
Broke me,
You stripped me of my spirit.
But I still love you.
Why do you hate me?
Why do you hate me?
Why do you see me as nothing,
While I see you as everything?
I deserve this misery,
For loving someone
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As I look up at you,
I see your luck of being care free.
You fill the sky with wondrous shapes,
And a calming presence.
When you are sad your complexion darkens,
And you let shimmering tears fall upon the earth.
You travel across the sky,
With no worries or insecurities.
As I commend your beauty,
I wonder what it would be like to be you.
To not be judged,
Nor hated.
To be just free.
To be admired by billions.
I want to be able to roam the sky,
While looking upon happy or sad souls.
To be able to shed tears,
And have everyone notice the sorrow.
Or to be happy,
And have everyone notice my kind presence.
To be heard,
And have my thunderous roar heard across the sky.
Oh clouds,
How lucky you are.
To not be invisible to the human eye,
To hug close to the moon and stars.
But most of all,
To have someone look at you with a warm smile and say,
"Oh what a beautiful sight."
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Shattered Pieces Of Rain
As the rain falls like shattered pieces of glass through the sky,
I feel as if I could bleed water colors.
The rain is such a soothing substance,
It lightly touches our skin,
Soaking through to coat our complex hearts.
Oh how the rain brings memories,
Memories of happiness and joy,
Memories of blood and horror.
The rain soaks our artificial smiles,
Telling us everything will be okay.
It listens to our glass hearts shattering,
And the rhythm of our pained heart beats.
Sometimes I ask myself,
Why do I still pray?
When will it end?
And who fucking cares?
Sometimes I dream that we could fly,
Maybe if we never wake up,
We could see the sky.
Sometimes I feel like I'm wonder-less,
Or that I'm just tired of all this pain.
Everybody tells me to think about it,
Well I did,
Now I don't want to feel a thing anymore.
All I can do is watch the rain,
With my stained glass eyes and colorful tears.
While listening to the ambulances singing,
"Another girl without a sharper knife..."
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A Lost Lover's Plea
I gave you everything,
You gave me pain.
I promised you my all,
You didn't do a thing except break my heart.
You gave me joy,
And you took it away so easily.
I cared for you so much,
I would have done anything for you.
I guess,
You didn't feel the same.
My feelings didn't matter to you did they?
I was just a mere toy wasn't I?
I fell for it,
I played the game.
Do you not realize how much you hurt me?
I'm broken now,
I haven't been the same.
Everyday I hurt,
Seeing you flirt with all those other girls right in front of me,
It just kills me.
I feel those tears want to shed,
I feel my heart want to stop.
Every time I see you,
My heart cracks,
And my soul screams.
You're pushing me over the edge,
I'm dying ever so slowly.
Now tell me,
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it to mess with my mind?
To break me?
To now be torturing me?
Every time I look into your eyes I tremble,
My heart pounds and screams.
I'm done,
Just done.
I'm tired of the tears,
Tired of the pain.
You're killing me with a beaut
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Beautifully Horrific Hazel Green Eyes
He stares me down,
With a look of the Devil.
Those nightmarish events run through my mind.
His gift of happiness was only for a day,
But it still burns in my mind like a wild fire.
I promised him my heart and more,
I promised him my innocence...
It didn't seem to be enough to feed his desire.
He made me feels so dirty,
Yet, also beautiful
His hazel green eyes drive me insane,
My heart screams out of fear when he looks at me.
My desperate cries of defeat,
He doesn't seem to care.
He knows he can have me,
Use me,
Abuse me.
He knows I'll give in,
He found that insecure girl,
Who would give anything for love.
He found my weakness,
Now he's using it to slowly kill me.
The tears I shed,
The scars I make,
And my silent screams,
Are all for him.
My miserable heart bleeds for him.
I have to wear a forced smile,
Just to stay alive.
He's killing me,
Torturing me,
Driving me over the edge.
I can't take this anymore,
His eyes piercing through my soul.
He haunts my dreams,
Walks my fantasies,
He is
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ShikaSaku Chapter 1
Sakura Haruno layed on the grass staring at the dark clouds hovering above her. It began to rain, she didn't move, she didn't want to. The rain drenched her beautiful face, this gave her the oppurtunity to cry without others noticing. She longed for her long lost love, Sasuke Uchiha. It has been four years since he left the village, she remembered the horrible night as if it was yesterday.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FLASHBACK-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Sasuke-kun don't leave me!"
"I must avenge my clan and kill Itachi."
"I'll help you! Just stay with me! Or if that's not good enough then take me with you! Please! I lived for you, I fought for you! I love you so much!!"
*Looks at her* "Your annoying."
*Stares at him in shock with tears*
*Appears behind her* "Thank you"
*Knocks her out*
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Mature content
What's The Fucking Point? :iconplatinummoon1624:PlatinumMoon1624 2 18
Am I Too Young for Love?
That word,
The one word that makes people feel happy,
This word is love.
I am not speaking of the love you feel for family,
Or friends.
The love I'm referring to is what you feel for a special someone.
That boy or girl you care for.
The one you can't get out of your head.
Here I am,
At the age of thirteen,
In love.
I am told time and time again,
By friends and family,
That I am too young to call it love.
I have been told it is puppy love,
Or just a simple crush.
Deep down I feel it is not just a silly crush,
It is love.
Somedays I do ask myself,
Is it a crush?
Or true love?
This one boy,
This ordinary boy,
Makes me fell so many emotions.
When I see him I am at my happiest,
I feel amazing.
I feel as though I could fly,
Without a care in the world.
Just as long as I see his wonderful smile,
Hear his angelic voice,
I feel pheomenal.
Is it love?
Or a crush?
He is the only person that makes me feel this way.
The one that makes my heart beat faster and slower,
All a
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Mature content
SuiSaku :iconplatinummoon1624:PlatinumMoon1624 2 20

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